All Change: Volume 5 of Cazalet Chronicles

The glorious romp must come to an end at last. The Cazalets fall into disrepair, the firm goes bankrupt, they must sell Home Place in the country because it’s owned by the firm so Aunt Rachel is out on her ear. Sid’s dead, and she left her flat in London to Rachel. Louise is having an affair with a married man who has no intention of leaving his wife. Edward trudges on in his terrible remarriage to Diana, she’s taken all his money and can’t cope with the fact that he’s now unemployed. Simon, living with Polly in the huge house, has fallen in love with a man. Clary writes a play about Archie’s infidelity. Villy’s governess finally dies, put into a nursing home for her dementia, which Nan also seems to have. The specter of aging looms large in this one, as much as loss. In the end, Hugh has a heart attack and thus Rachel heads off to his home, feeling herself needed yet again.