Marking Time: Volume 2 of Cazalet Chronicles

Such a dreamy whirlwind of a tale, picking up where the first book left off, in 1939, with the Cazalet family. Dipping into this book was like being submerged in the most pleasant of daydreams. The family progresses, Louise becomes an actor and has to fend off her handsy father Edward again (for the last time perhaps).  Edward fathers yet another child with his mistress. Rupert goes missing in the war, but Clare (his daughter) doesn’t give up hope; at the end a Frenchman arrives with news that he was still alive as of 8 months prior. Archie, an old friend of Rupert’s, comes to stay and recuperate from his war wounded leg, becoming one of the family. Christopher seems to lose his mind, wandering around his war work not knowing who he was, also sent to the house to recuperate (and given a dog). Sybil battles cancer, Hugh worries endlessly about her. Villy takes up a mental affair with a musician who’s having an actual physical affair with her sister Jessica. Drama! Tears! So good!