What It’s Like to Be a Bird: From Flying to Nesting, Eating to Singing–What Birds Are Doing, and Why

The inimitable David Sibley has another bird book out? Yes, please. This oversized guide is packed full of odds and ends, tidbits of fascinating facts, gorgeous illustrations. Grebes are more closely related to flamingos via DNA analysis than any other bird?! And the entire North American population of eared grebes gather in two places (Mono Lake, Great Salt Lake) in early fall before flying to their wintering location along the Pacific Ocean?! Waxwings are named for the patch of red on their wing that looked to people like sealing wax. Small birds lose 10% of their body weight each night as they sleep. Birds have two balance sensors: inner ear (like humans) and in their pelvis; this is how they’re constantly balancing on one leg. The introductory chapter alone took me a week to get through, brimming with interesting things. Good for birders & non-birders alike.