Gift from the Sea

A fairly terrible book which reminds me that taking book recommendations from The Listserve is a risky proposition. However, I am intrigued by the author, mother of Charles Lindbergh and author of several other best selling books in her time, including Listen! The Wind, a 1938 book about her adventures. I fully expected to enjoy this book, what with the emphasis on solitude and letting one’s mind relax and wander during a few weeks’ vacation at the beach. Instead, it was chock-a-block filled with platitudes and cloying words about how women are the givers and thus will always be in need of time to recharge. Very much a book written in 1955, although she did slight edits later to address Feminism with a capital F. Best part is her bringing up the madness around the fact that no one excuses you for wanting time aloneā€”a hairdresser appointment or social engagement is appropriate for turning down another invitation, but not the idea that you can’t come because that’s your hour to be alone.