Brown Teapot, You Make Me Happy

I used to have a chipped, cheap off-white teapot that made me sad everytime I looked at it, which was a lot b/c I drink a lot of tea. I’ve been searching for a new teapot for years, ducking into random stores in Hawaii, New Jersey, LA, Chinatown, on this quest.

Economy Restaurant Fixtures couldn’t help me. Nor could the teapot shop at the farmer’s market or Eliza’s restaurant, hoarding their massive sparkling collection of teapots. Bed Bath & Beyond? Boooring teapots. Crate & Barrell? Another snooze-fest. I finally turned online, searching Overstock, EnglishTeaStore, and finally, the gold-mine of bizarre teapots: eBay.
The first good candidate I found was white and lilac, with flowered vines twisting all over the surface. Looking back, it was a bit too girly for me, so it’s a good thing mmccarty82 frantically outbid me as the auction was ticking to a close. I increased the price she paid by 52% by having a reserve bid– bittersweet loss.
Next I bid on and won a brown teapot from a Canadian seller. The ogres at customs jumped up and down on the packaging, thus delivering a shattered pottery mess to my doorstep. She refunded my $18 without complaint.
Finally, I spied a dark brown, smooth & shiny Sadler teapot for sale by someone whose email address starts with “Brown_god”. I placed a bid for $1.89, and promptly won the auction. Shipping brought the total cost to $8.78, and a few days later Sadler the Brown arrived. I call him Sads, but he makes me happy every morning.