This bio of Steve Jobs brought about the ban on selling Wiley books from all Apple retail stores, which I think is unncessarily harsh. The book doesn’t shy away from exposing Steve’s megalomania, but also offers up much praise for Steve’s creativity and the impressive feat of dominating 3 industries (computer, film, music). Enjoyable read.

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Another yummy plot from JK. Didn’t really enjoy the Dumbledore monologue at the end where he catches Harry up with the history of his scar. Was definitely laughing out loud at parts involving Professor Umbridge, the pink cardigan “Hem hem!” stout and pursed lips professor from the Ministry of Magic who takes over the school when Dumbledore flees.

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Auntie L’s favorite niece

I’m an aunt (again)! This time I’m welcoming the first female addition to the family– Anne Linnea. She’s only a few hours old and already my favorite niece.
Happy birthday Anne! A healthy 9 lbs 11 oz, and 2 weeks early!
Best of recooperating to Mom Christine and congrats to the whole K family!