American Vertigo

Rambling observations from the Frenchie on the US, following the example of Democracy in America. His thoughts on San Francisco only covering the Power Exchange and the inherent contradiction of “The Castro” being named after Fidel when it’s the gay capital. Alcatraz also detailed, by way of a boat ride where his guides only focus on the non-escapability of the island. Berkeley touched on via mention of’s founders residing there and creating the idea for MoveOn out of the Clinton/Lewinsky-gate. The 2 cities where he admits he could move: Seattle and Savannah. He rails against the museumification of everything– the fake history of Cooperstown, the fake Indian graves in the west. The cop who let him go (public lingering) after hearing about his quest to follow Tocqueville.
Hard to read, but was this a function of the fact that Levy wrote the book twice– once in French and once in English?
Heard about this one from Moira Gunn’s podcast interview with Levy, where they flirted merciliessly and she promised to teach him to drive (he got driven around the country– pshaw!).

auth=Levy, Bernard Henri.
sub=Traveling America in the footsteps of Tocqueville