Meet You In Hell

Historical lookback at the partnership of Carnegie Steel and Frick Coke. Paints both men as ruthless businessmen with outside interests (Carnegie’s interest in giving away his massive wealth, Frick’s art interest which survives today in the Frick gallery in NYC). Quite a few chapters focused on the Homestead strike where Frick brought in 200 Pinkerton men to protect the plant, and the striking workers engaged in battle. This strained relations between the men, since Carnegie felt it was too much violence– that they should have just closed the plant and waited. The final blow between the two occurred when Frick came to Carnegie with a false offer to purchase Carnegie Steel, which Frick would profit $5M by for finders fee. Carnegie eventually sold to JP Morgan, and the combined company became US Steel.

auth=Standiford, Les
sub=Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, and the bitter partnership that transformed America