To Hate Like This Is To Be Happy Forever

The last chapters of this left me with a worse impression of the book than the rest of it– good sportswriting overall, but why weave in so much maudlin father-son stuff? Also enjoyable recounting of Southern life, Bojangles, BBQ, the cynicism underlying all that southern sweet talk. Blythe (a TarHeel) naturally gives a lot more attention to life on the UNC side, but as promised, it does have occasional unbiased info on Duke. Melvin Scott and his Baltimore crew get a lot of attention (not sure why?!). Lucky for Blythe, he picks the year UNC wins the NCAA championship (2005) to conduct his research on the rivalry.

auth=Blythe, Will
sub=A thoroughly obsessive, intermittently uplifting, and occasionally unbiased account of the Duke-North Carolina basketball rivalry