A Coffin For Dimitrios

Detective story for highbrow readers, quick read & enjoyable… Charles Latimer is an academic turned detective novelist, vacationing in Turkey when he stumbles upon the supposedly-closed case of Dimitrios (fig-packer turned pimp turned assassin turned heroin smuggler turned bank director). Latimer becomes curious about doing real detective work, thus embarks across Europe to follow the traces of Dimitrios, encountering Mr. Peters in his train compartment (then later in his hotel room, rummaging), and various other helpful individuals. The corpse Latimer witnessed in the morgue was not Dimitrios, but Visser (one of the Parisian drug gang of 7), with an identity card qualifying him as Dimitrios. Mr. Peters enlists Latimer’s help in blackmailing Dimitrios for 1M francs, which goes awry and P & D end up shooting each other. Latimer leaves the cash behind and dashes off to the safety of writing detective novels.
Reco’d by Momma R

auth=Ambler, Eric