Bizarre tale, well written. My head is spinning, the dizzying tales of Misty & Peter who meet in art school, she not turned off by his pinning fake jewelry through his skin, a different hole every day to maximize the sensation. Waytansea Island is where Peter lures Misty, pregnant (after messing with all her birth control) and having to care for his mother Grace after his dad Harrow died (or did he?). Peter goes crazy one summer, walling up kitchens, linen closets, entire hotel rooms after scrawling graffiti on the walls. Misty & Angel uncover each message; Angel turns out to be Peter’s ex-lover, a man. Her daughter, Tabbi, fakes her death. Her mother-in-law confines her to bed, leg in cast, and sets her painting. Every 100 years a man from the island marries an artist, brings her to the island, where she paints and saves the island from outsiders. This was a quick read, but so much happens that to try and make sense of it post-finishing, my head swims. I’ll probably check out other Chuck P books now.
Andrea Siegel recommenation

auth=Palahniuk, Chuck
sub=A novel