Guest Shot

Beach reading, the kind that works best after a few pina coladas and a game of horseshoes and it’s the last book in your pile to read. Gradually got more and more into it as the plot unfolded. I must register a complaint that the author didn’t reveal the jury’s verdict at the end. Just pick one, guilty or not. To leave it unfinished is… blech. Not the finest story or writing I’ve been exposed to recently, but it was definitely readable. Basic idea is that a Mystery Guest calls a talk show to announce that he’ll begin a killing spree and come on the show to talk about it afterwards. He begins to execute scum & criminals that would leave a guilty verdict in question (because he is cleaning up the world). A hot female NYPD detective, DZ, is on the case, who happens to fall in love with charming small-town Charlie. By the end, she’s preggers & they’re going camping. Yowza.
Recommended by the Max

auth=Locke, David