The Boys of My Youth

Yes, yes, yes. Another amazing book of short stories… I am gobbling these down like red hots, burning my tongue on the tales and reveling in the great writing. The sad tale of Bonanza, where Jo succumbs to the sadness of her grandmother’s stale life, realizing that they have empty, unenjoyable days with obligatory living. Cousins laden down with descriptions of country life with her cousin, from early age through marriage. The story of narrowly escaping a mass-murder by going home early, and dealing with the aftermath of having a shooting rampage take out your colleagues and friends. Driving out of Florida through Alabama, escaping the raving lunatic trying to push her off the road into an empty road to kill her, shaking with fear, anxiety, anger. Through these tales hearing snippets of divorce, the husband who cheated, wandered, grew bored. Stories of Elizabeth (“Liz”) and boys of their youth.
The only story I didn’t completely love was Coyotes, where the descriptions of the coyote in the wild fell a bit flat, I kept skipping ahead to read what was going on with Jo Ann & Eric at the campsite.
Another recommendation by Andrea Seigel

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