Jess & Sophie are a couple so intertwined, playful, into each other, that they attract the attention of the mythical Lena, who enters their orbit and makes the twins into triplets. The threesome live together, play together, experience “Kink” together.
“…Lena shook her head: ‘No, kink is, it’s like art, it’s– well, it’s a theory, really, my theory of life,’ her smile mocking drama, more wine in our glasses, tiny moons to rim the lip. ‘It’s a way to see the world, to– like this guy’s kink would be his self-help thing, right? It isn’t only the money, he wants to help people, wants to be the one who makes them feel good… Like you two, you’re each other’s kink, right? You see the world through each other, you use each other to change the world, make the world. Your world: do you see what I mean? Like you’re not just living, just like everyone else, you’re making your life, shaping it like, like art, by the way you see things, the way you are. See?’ ” (p 52)
Then things unravel as Jess wants more and more of Lena and less and less of Sophie. Meanwhile, Lena & Sophie are the real couple, unbeknownst to Jess, and they leave him to his misery, where he spends the last 100 pages of the story chasing down leads on what Lena’s previous life was all about. In the end, he tracks Sophie down, as she is the only known survivor whom Lena did not slash & burn. Sophie has left Lena, tired of the lies, and moved on. She gives Jess Lena’s address for one last confrontation, fact-gathering mission. In the end, Jess wants Sophie back, and sits waiting in her salon to give her the earrings she’d left behind.
Great writing, borderline erotica of the best sort.

auth=Koja, Kathe