Like the Red Panda

Delicious Andrea Seigel writing– I just sped through her first book, trying to slow down and savor it, but it was too damn good, so it just pushed me to the end. Stella is orphaned at 11 when both her parents OD on coke within minutes of each other. Put into foster care with Simon & Shauna, she reconnects with her maybe-grandfather Donald (her grammy might have cheated on him and paternity was never certain), a crotchety old gent who doesn’t give her much, except the feeling of blood relation & belonging. Simon & Shauna the flat, bland, quiet types who give Stella a wide berth (Shauna even fearing Stella, calling her a wolf at the end). The only joyful connections she has with people are ex-boyfriend Daniel and new friend Ainsley. Stella’s on her way to Princeton at the end of the summer, but decides life isn’t worth living.
At the end, Donald & she go out together, quoting Seneca, “The wise man will live as long as he ought, not as long as he can.”
This afternoon in drama are the opening words of the book, and also the title of Ms. Seigel’s kick-ass blog.
And now I’m ready for more.

auth=Seigel, Andrea