Silence of the Grave

Redcurrant bushes at the decades-old crime scene start Inspector Erlendur on his quest to solve the mystery of the discovered skeleton in the foundation of a new house. Masterful weaving of various suspects (Benjamin, the old owner whose fiancee went missing once she found out she was pregnant; or the mother in the family on the hill whose husband savagely beat her), interspersed with mystery from the present-day (would Erlendur’s daughter recover from her miscarriage-incuded coma?). Clues dropped from the dying lips of a 90 year old man “Green lady, red currant bushes, later, crooked.” The glory days re-enacted with American soldier Dave, who rescued the beaten mother.
Whose skeleton was it? Simon? Tomas? Grimur? The Mother? The crippled sister? The missing fiancee?

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Book Slump

Been in a bit of a slump recently, checking books out of the library and paging through them halfheartedly. The slump was ended by my sister’s recommendation of an Icelandic mystery which I’m almost done with.
I’ve stranded these books lately:
* Shutting out the Sun: how Japan created its own lost generation
Stranded due to the repetitive nature of the book and my mood. Gasp, it’s awful there’s a whole slew (1M?) of Japanese who don’t fit into their regimented culture and stay at home locked in their rooms. Just don’t tell me this over & over & over without introducing something new into the work. Again, mostly my mood that dictated the stranding. I’m sure it’s a fine book.
* Rich Dad, Poor Dad: what the rich teach their kids about money
Ok ok ok, so real estate investing is the way to go. Got it. Don’t need to read a hundred pages on it.
*In Her Own Right: The Life of Elizabeth Cady Stanton
* Century of Struggle: The Woman’s Rights Movement in the United States
Couldn’t even get myself to crack the covers. Wrong time, will revisit