Silence of the Grave

Redcurrant bushes at the decades-old crime scene start Inspector Erlendur on his quest to solve the mystery of the discovered skeleton in the foundation of a new house. Masterful weaving of various suspects (Benjamin, the old owner whose fiancee went missing once she found out she was pregnant; or the mother in the family on the hill whose husband savagely beat her), interspersed with mystery from the present-day (would Erlendur’s daughter recover from her miscarriage-incuded coma?). Clues dropped from the dying lips of a 90 year old man “Green lady, red currant bushes, later, crooked.” The glory days re-enacted with American soldier Dave, who rescued the beaten mother.
Whose skeleton was it? Simon? Tomas? Grimur? The Mother? The crippled sister? The missing fiancee?

auth=Indriðason, Arnaldur
sub=translated from the Icelandic by Bernard Scudder