Originally published under the pseudonym of the main character, Louise Walbrook, because the contents are so very dirty (for 1960s standards). In 2001, Mrs. Templeton agreed to release the book under her real name.
Louise falls into an affair with Robert Gordon, whom she only dares to call Gordon due to his cruel and severe nature. “I shall hold you for ever, because I shall always find new ways of torturing you,” Gordon tells her at one point. It’s a bit on the masochistic side of things, but Louise enjoys submitting to humiliations at Gordon’s command. Very readable, great first person perspective on intimacy in the years after WWII.
Gordon is a psychiatrist, and cannot stop himself from analyzing Louise in casual conversation, where her jealousy and hatred of her mother and her unease about her father comes out. Eventually he breaks it off with her because he realizes he is too much in love with how things are. Years later, Louise returns to London and seeks out Gordon’s analyst for a few sessions, which culminates in them becoming lovers.

auth=Templeton, Edith