The End of Mr. Y

Hmm. I can’t seem to remember where I picked up this book recommendation, but it was on my list when I went to the bookstore in a harried frenzy to pick up something for a last minute weekend getaway to the beaches of Baja. Parts were interesting, by the end was an extreme case of cheesiness. Science meets philosophy meets literature. Travel to the Troposphere after taking the tincture of holy water & vegetable charcoal and staring at a black dot, traveling down a tunnel into the world of the mind. Ariel is the main character, a PhD student studying thought experiments, whose advisor suddenly disappears. She discovers the cursed book “The End of Mr. Y” at at used bookstore, devours it then finds a key page missing. In her advisor’s old office she discovers the missing page, which contains the recipe for the tincture that takes you to the Troposphere (or MindSpace, as the ex-CIA agents call it). Encounters with the mouse god Apollo Smintheus, dashing into the safety of the church, rebuffing Adam (ex-priest)’s advances, jumping from person to person in the Troposphere to reach her advisor, and show up at his real-life house. The end is a mess, it’s almost like Thomas lost steam and just let her characters walk away into the sunset.

auth=Thomas, Scarlett