DMZ Vol. 1: On the Ground

Tore thru volume 1, 2, and 3 of DMZ this weekend. These are awesome comics, eerily painting a picture of what life in the US could be like if we ever get all “civil war” on each other. Matty Roth is a journalist dropped in the DMZ of Manhattan, surrounded by the Free States (Jersey border) fighting the US government (Staten Island and beyond). NYC looks exactly like Baghdad does, car bombs, Haliburton security forces, underground everything (food, music, art). From the Ghost crew growing underground bamboo farms, to the Chinese mafia running security around Matty, to the med school student Zee who stitches up the bloody mess the city has become.
Is it such a stretch that we could end up like this? Listen to the vitriol spewed on call-in radio and at peace/war rallies, and you’ll see 2 distinct Americas seething with rage at each other.
Reco’d by The Max

auth=Wood, Brian