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Ate it up. Then licked the spoon. And wondered where to get more. I like the four part format; each section not too long to plow through, each section with a definite ending. Great writing, engaging plot (which sometimes wandered into the unbelievable, but I’ll suspend my disbelief for any good writing).
Cal Cunningham is a struggling writer in NYC who boozes & womanizes his way through procrastination, then comes to find his roommate, Stewart, has taken Cal’s tales and woven them into a perfect novel. Fate intervenes, Stewart killed in a bicycle accident, Cal publishes the novel as his own, “after all, the stories were mine.” Breadcrumbs of trouble begin to appear, FedEx bills showing a duplicate copy of the novel was mailed to a girlfriend the morning of his accident. Cal hastily flees to the girlfriend’s house, where he finds the unopened package, awaiting her return from abroad. Manuscript burnt, he then woos and marries the girl, Janet, who was unaware of Stewart’s posthumous package.
More breadcrumbs of destruction appear when Les arrives at Cal’s doorstep to blackmail him; she’d stolen Stewart’s laptop a few months prior to his death. Extorting $25k with $1k monthly additional, Cal’s life begins to come apart. Snapping under the strain, Cal begins to alienate Janet, who then has a brief affair with Les. High drama with Canadian smack drug run via canoe. Les presumed dead, pops up again a few days later. Cal leads her abusive ex-boyfriend to her hiding place, Les & Tommy attack each other, Cal arrives to grab the laptop and calls 911 to save Les. He’s later arrested as the double homicide killer, but his manuscript saves him along with Les’ testimony.
In a completely cheesy moment, Janet forgives him because of the manuscript, which she finds lovely.
Reco’d by Genoveva, who is chock full of great recommendations

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