China Shakes the World

“Let China sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world,” so said Napolean, and so true it remains hundreds of years since. The allure of 1.5 billion consumers driving companies in to sell their products, only to find that other local merchants have already arrived to sell to the tiny market share that has disposable income. The interesting comment that the Chinese billions can never act like Americans because there aren’t enough resources to support such wanton and wasteful actions.
China’s inescapable thirst, the need to create 24 million new jobs annually to appease the population. Importing oil, metals, etc, and driving up the costs. The strange marriage of Communism with capitalism, the ever present corruption, the need for bribes, the double books– one for external eyes and one true one.
The counting word for people is “mouth,” rather than say “how many people are in your family?” you would say “how many mouth-people do you have?”
Ages of environmental neglect wreaking havoc on China today. Not enough resources. The drying up of the Yellow River. The black market one third the size of the official market. The idea that Chinese can copy, but not invent. China’s nebulous relations with America’s enemies of Iran and Venezuela.
Great book for someone trying to gain a foothold of knowledge about China’s recent explosion of growth, and what that might mean for the rest of the world.

auth=Kynge, James
sub=A Titan’s Rise and Troubled Future – and the Challenge for America