Night Train to Lisbon

Breathtakingly beautiful, simply amazing, read it, read it, read it! I am exhausted right now and will likely not do it justice, but this is the best book I’ve read in months. Story is of an ancient languages (Greek, Latin) teacher who simply gets up and walks out of his life after 30 years of teaching. He has a chance encounter with a Portuguese woman who writes a phone number on his forehead, which sets him on this new path. Picking up a random book, he begins his quest to find out more of the life of Amadeu Prado, a doctor in Lisbon who was a fantastic writer. Gregorius (the ancient text teacher), hops on a train to Lisbon, and begins his search. Yes, yes, yes.
p 77: There were the people who read and there were the others. Whether you were a reader or a nonreader – it was quickly noted. There was no greater distinction between people. People were amazed when he asserted that and many shook their head at such crankiness. But that’s how it was. Gregorius knew it. He knew it.

auth=Mercier, Pascal
sub=Translated from the German by Barbara Harshav