Not Buying It

I’m overdosing on these “giving up material things” books; a recent post in one of my favorite financial blogs pointed me in this direction, and Levine’s book was a welcome addition, more serious than the woman who gave up stuff for a month, then moved on. Basic premise was that she and her husband would not buy anything nonessential for a year.
Sometime around midnight, as I’m deep into the middle of the book, I start to put things together and realize that I’m reading a book by my friend’s aunt– and my friend is mentioned throughout the book. Both she and her brother Jacob make appearances, and by adding up the clues I have an AHA! moment deep in the woods of North Carolina that I’m reading a book about someone I know. That’s never happened to me before, and is proof of the small, interconnected world we live in.

auth=Levine, Judith
sub=My Year Without Shopping