The Rider

I’m becoming a bit of an armchair bicycle racer, soaking up the Tours, ogling the speedy and sleek riders. This book feeds right into that desire to get up close and personal with the racers, without having to expend any sweat or feel the cracking pain. Krabbe does a fantastic job painting in the color of what riders are thinking as they grind out those kilometers, anywhere from blank thoughts just pedaling to thinking of friends and family, imagining the riders as brains stuck in jars in a farmhouse.
The burning pain, the self-questioning (why am I doing this?!), the strategy of not breaking too early, the sucking of a leader’s tire, everyone taking their pull at front except the bastard who wins the race, it’s all in here.
Reco’d by Heidi

auth=Krabbe, Tim
sub=Translated from the Dutch by Sam Garrett