Eat This, Not That

The book begins with the usual list of Foods To Eat Everyday– spinach, yogurt, tomatoes, carrots, blueberries, black beans, walnuts, oats. So if you’re eating those everyday, you probably don’t need the rest of the book, which is a guide to what to order at fast food restaurants.
A coupla interesting tidbits:
* standard pizza in Italy has 500-800 calories. Medium pizza at Pizza Hut goes up to 2160 calories.
* Krispy Kreme whole wheat glazed donut has a delicious 180 calories.
* Go Protein-style at In-N-Out and save 150 calories by losing the bun.
* California roll is one of the healthiest on the sushi menu– only 300 calories

auth=Zinczenko, David
sub=Thousands of Simple Food Swaps That Can Save You 10, 20, 30 Pounds or More