The Goal

A fictionalized account of a manufacturing plant manager who faces extinction since his plant is losing money quickly. He turns things around with the help of a Socratic mentor, Jonah, his old physics professor who has common sense ideas about how to turn businesses around. By identifying bottlenecks in his system, he was able to make sure those machines were maintained and fed orders at a heightened rate. Soon, production was up, sales were up, orders were shipped out ahead of schedule. Toss in a bit of marriage woes since our plant manager was spending so much time at the plant, and voila, there’s your story.
Definitely worth reading, devoured it in an afternoon.
The steps taken to fix the plant:
1. Identify the system’s constraints
2. Decide how to exploit the system’s constraints
3. Subordinate everything else to the above decision
4. Elevate the system’s constraints
5. Warning: if in the previous steps a constraint has been broken, go back to step 1 but don’t allow inertia to cause a system’s constraint

auth=Goldratt, Eliyahu
sub=A Process of Ongoing Improvement