America America

This one came highly recommended to me, but I disagree; it’s simply average writing telling a somewhat interesting tale. Our narrator (Corey Sifter) is the editor of a local newspaper, present day, mentoring a young college-bound highly intelligent girl of bohemian parents. Sifter weaves the current day plot (caring for his elderly father who has a stroke, worrying about his 3 daughters who have all left the house, taking care of Trieste the intern, watching the development of a mall on the old estate property) with a storyline from the 1970s when he first met his wife and her sister, working for their father and working on the campaign of a man who was almost President of the US but who was derailed by the allegations of involvement with the fatal traffic incident involving a young intern.
The story’s coherence & charm begins to unravel for me when the narrator stops referring to his wife as “his wife”, but as Clara. So she is finally revealed. Wow. But the most egregious error would be the American Graffiti-type recap of where everyone is now and what’s going on in their life. Extremely unnecessary for a novel.
Good beach read.

auth=Canin, Ethan