One of my dream jobs is to be a traffic engineer. Reading this book feeds some of that desire, with explanations as to why merging at the last minute is a good thing (uses more of the available roadway), how traffic calming devices work in London and the Netherlands (make a road seem more like a village and people will treat it as such), how fewer signs is better (we ignore signs anyway, and without signs are forced to figure out things on our own, being more attentive), how India and China are coping with their explosions in traffic growth. On traffic jams– better to go slowly, consistently, rather than stop/go traffic. Cellphones take our attention away from the road even when handsfree, and reduce reaction time.
Overall, an enjoyable reading experience that teaches mindful driving (and mindful cycling, walking).

auth=Vanderbilt, Tom
sub=Why We Drive the Way We Do (and what it says about us)