I don’t feel quite right about crediting Mr. Potts as the author of this work, since 85% of the book was quotes from other writers (Walt Whitman, Joseph Conrad, Ed Buryn, Thoreau, etc. etc. etc.) and “in their own voices” type stuff from regular travelers.
The overall gist of the book is to just get out there on the road, you don’t have to save up a bunch of cash, just set one foot in front of the other, work along the way, don’t be a slave to your pre-ordained schedule, don’t make fun of the natives, do be open to anything that happens to you along the way.
Perhaps the best use of this book is as a bibilography, since at the end of each “chapter” he lists 20-ish books you should check out for more information.
Overall: useless
Negative points for mentioning space tourist Tito’s $20M trip into space.

auth=Potts, Rolf
sub=An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-term World Travel