Call Me Ted

Inspirational peek inside Ted Turner’s life, the man who shaped modern Atlanta. Taking over his father’s billboard business at the age of 20, he launched TBS, TNT, CNN, Cartoon Network, and TCM. He purchased MGM to get his hands on their film library. He bought Hanna Barbera’s collection when Disney turned its nose up at the $300M price tag.
An abusive childhood, away at military school, a wealthy dad that forced him to rely on himself, he picked up sailing at a young age and was passionate about it, winning the America’s Cup and Fastnet before retiring to spend more time with family/business. The largest individual landowner in the US- 2 million acres that he’s returning to their pre-white man state (removal of barbed wire, buildings, rebuilding bison herds). The tragic unraveling of his company post-TimeWarner merger (post-AOL merger with Time Warner at the height of the dot com boom).
You get the sense that Turner is pure energy, non-stop and full of great ideas (the :05 Superstation start to programming instead of the on-the-hour programming like the networks, selling expensive paintings instead of laying people off).

auth=Turner, Ted and Bill Burke