Conquer Your Food Addiction

Repattern your behavior so your default action is the healthy one. Change your habits.
Helpful tips:
* Eat slowly- try to spend at least 20 minutes on each meal. Put your fork down between bites, sip some water, read the paper or a book.
* Hot water can be as delicious as tea/coffee?
* Brush your teeth when you are full. Will prevent you from mindlessly continuing.
* Be mindful of the number of items you consume each day
* Be aware of portion size.
* Feed your smaller self, not the large person you used to be
* Put less on your plate so you can still be a clean plate club member
* Don’t eat mediocre food just because it’s there or it’s free.
Breaking addiction:
* As you work on breaking a ritual, place a tick mark on a piece of paper every time you think of doing that thing (eating)
* Ask yourself: “Was I thinking of eating 2 minutes before I saw this food?”, “Will this food help me reach my goal?”, “Am I even hungry?”
Rules before 20 minute meals:
* Stretch before eating
* Deep breathe
* Be present, eat small bites, put fork down after each bite
* Ask yourself if you’re still hungry
* When done, move plate away, feel the satisfaction, leave the table, brush your teeth then go for a walk
When faced with food, ask yourself:
* Am I hungry or what?
* Am I hungry enough to put food on a plate and eat it with utensils?
* Am I hungry enough to create a relaxing meal lasting 20+ minutes?
If not hungry, you can:
* Physically move: change locations, brush teeth, walk, drink water, breathe
* Mentally: visualize yourself at goal, fill up on ambiance, taste with nose
* Relax/refresh: breathe, nap, bath, sit quietly
* Verbally say no thank you
(Use combination of all of these to break habit)

auth=Ehrlich, Caryl
sub=The Ehrlich 8-Step Program for Permanent Weight Loss