Eat to Live

“Clearly, it is difficult to eat healthfully in our crazy world, where it seems that everyone else is on a vendetta to commit suicide with food.” Dr. Furhman wants you to have a healthy heart, and you do that by eating 90% unrefined plant food, both raw & cooked. Fill up on leafy greens, basically, and you won’t be hungry for the rest of the crap that normal Americans pour down their gullets daily.
Broccoli. romaine lettuce & kale all have 2x the protein in a 100 calorie portion that sirloin steak does.
Health = Nutrients/Calories
High density nutritional calories are the goal, end result is longevity & health.
What to eat:
* Unlimited: raw vegetables (1 lb. daily), cooked green vegetables (1 lb. daily), beans/legumes/sprouts/tofu (1 cup daily), at least 4 fresh fruits per day, eggplant, mushrooms, peppers, onions & tomatoes
* Limited (not more than 1 cup per day): cooked starchy veggies or whole grains, raw nuts & seeds (1 oz max per day), avocado, ground flaxseed
* Off limits: dairy products, animal products, fruit juice or dried fruit
Ten Tips for living with the Six Week Plan:
1. Salad is the main dish, eat it first @ lunch & dinner
2. Eat as much fruit as you want, but at least 4 daily
3. Vary your greens
4. Beware the starchy vegetable (anything that’s not green)
5. Eat beans/legumes every day
6. Elminate animal/dairy products
7. Ground flaxseed every day (1 Tbsp)
8. Eat nuts/seeds in limited amounts, not more than 1 oz per day
9. Eat lots of mushrooms all the time.
How do you make the change?
– social support
– stimulus control (remove temptation from your house, all cheats should happen outside the house)
– positive visualization & relaxation
– self monitoring
* The earlier puberty comes, the quicker the aging process begins
List of most contaminated produce from highest to lowest, 200 = most toxic, according to FDA
1. Strawberries (189)
2. green & red bell peppers (155)
3. spinach (155)
4. cherries (USA) (154)
5. peaches (150)
6. cantaloupe (Mexico) (142)
7. celery (129)
8. apples (124)
9. apricots (123)
10. green beans (122)
11. grapes (Chile) (118)
12. cucumbers (117)
Life Plan Food Pyramid:
30-70% of calories: Vegetables, half raw half cooked
20-50% calories: Fruit
10-39% calories: Beans/legumes
2-20% calories: whole grains, raw nuts, seeds
Twice weekly or less: fish, fat free dairy
Once weekly or less: Poultry, eggs, oils
Rarely: Beef, Sweets, Cheese/Milk, Processed Food, Hydrogenated Oil

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