Personal Development for Smart People

Oh yeah! Finally off the nutrition book kick… or am I? There is a section in Pavlina’s book about health and the importance of fueling your body properly- less processed foods equals more mental clarity.
* Ask yourself: does the path I’m on have heart? Does it feel right deep down?
* Try things in 30-day trials (giving up TV, eating no sugar, getting up at 5am…)
* His career section asks you to take a piece of paper, write at the top “What is my true purpose in life?” and just start writing answers until you get to one that makes you cry.
* To live more intelligently, make sure you’re aligned with truth, love, power, oneness (we’re all connected to each other), personal authority, courage, & intelligence. Yes, this is as new-agey as it sounds.
* Give up the idea of attaining money, and simply go after the specific goals you think money would help you attain – travel, new house, etc.
* Find work in an area that overlaps with your deepest interest. Charge a fair rate for your contributions. Contribute, don’t mooch.

auth=Pavlina, Steve
sub=The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth