The New Sugar Busters!

I know what you’re thinking… you’re really hoping that I get off this sugar book tip, because it’s just getting boring coming here and reading all these “nutrition” books I end up skewering. And I hear you. It’s just…
* I cannot say no to Specialties cookies in the afternoon at work. Cannot. A box of cookies appears, and I keep going back for cookies until they’re gone. That’s just poor manners, and unhealthy. I have an addiction and I want to solve it.
* I *know* sugar is bad for you. In What To Eat, Nestle talked about how cancer feeds on sugar. Sugar is cancer’s enabler. What more do you need to know. The stuff is bad news, and millions of years of dietary evolution got us to the 2000’s without refined sugar.
* Sugar is everywhere. It’s hidden in English muffins in the form of mercury-laden High Fructose Corn Syrup.
* I’m a wee bit nervous about becoming diabetic. I mean, amputation? Blindness? Scary.
But more to the point, what did I learn from this ridiculous book?
* Sugar consumption spikes from zero pounds/person/year in 1500 AD to 154 pounds/person/year in 1997. That’s a big old pile of sugar we’re all consuming
* One, two alcoholic drinks a day helps prevent heart disease (same effect is gleaned from an aspirin & grape juice, for the non drinkers out there)
* Eat low glycemic foods like whole grains & vegetables. Potatoes are off-limits (except sweet potatoes), which makes this whole SugarBusters diet off-limits to me and my Irish nature.
* Vinegar, lemon/lime juice helps decrease the glycemic load of a meal
What I hated about the book:
* Excessive inclusion of “success stories”
* Unnecessary revised edition
* Way too many recipes included. Not using this as a cookbook…
* The back cover has photos of all 4 authors, all old white men. This turns my stomach, and makes me feel a little less guilty about hating the book. They’re out of touch.
* They were very meh on the whole exercise thing. Like, “do we need it?” “nah.”
* Ditto on being meh about calorie counting. Sorry, old white men, but it’s true that you reduce the number of calories consumed, and increase exercise, you lose weight.
Super-foods, as dictated by the old white men:
* Greens – Kale, Collards, Spinach
* Sweet potatoes
* Fruit – Cantaloupe, blueberries, oranges, tomatoes
* Green Vegetables – broccoli
* Beans – lentils
* Nuts – almonds, walnuts
* Whole grains – wheat, oats, barley
* Seafood – salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines
* Olive oil
* Protein – liver & meats
* Milk
* Flaxseeds
* Dark chocolate

auth=Steward, H. and others
sub=Cut Sugar to Trim Fat