The Sugar Fix

More gloom and doom on the sugar front, but this time in a decidedly unhelpful book. The author actually recommends substituting Splenda for sugar, which does someone absolutely no good. I was a bit suspicious of the book from the start, especially with his “Gatorade” disclaimer since he’s a U of Florida faculty and they’re funded by Gatorade money.
Quick summary: fructose is the bad part of sugar (glucose is “safe” according to him), spiking your insulin receptors and hidden away in almost everything we eat as a form of HFCS. Fructose also spikes the uric acid in your system, (this is also where I got suspicious– he was really pushing the uric acid story hard, and I wonder if he’s got a drug soon to be on the market for uric acid handling), and uric acid is bad making you age quicker and inflame your cell structure and not be able to ward off sickness and makes your memory worse, etc. etc. etc.
Bottom line, this reinforces for me to eat veggies & fruit, sugar in moderation, exercise and hope for the best. You can skip the book– not much of believable value in it.

auth=Johnson, Richard
sub=The High-Fructose Fallout That Is Making You Fat and Sick