Hurry Down Sunshine

You get a quick dip into madness by reading this memoir of a father’s journey after his 15-year old daughter cracks up one hot summer July day in 1996. She’s classified as bipolar, heavily medicated, and eventually weened off the meds. During her stay in the loony bin, she has flashes of brilliance, tangos mentally with the ultra-religious Hasidic Jew also locked up with her, ignores her lump of a roommate who remains unmoving on the bed for weeks. The author also has a mentally unstable older brother who he cares for with weekly trips to the supermarket where the brother gets very upset if the grocery is out of Lipton tea, this being the beverage of choice as he relaxes on his Barcalounger and sips 5 tea bags in a huge pickle jar.
Quick read, but entirely skippable.

auth=Greenberg, Michael