The RealAge Makeover

Good book on my favorite topic of the moment, nutrition and exercise. Roizen’s premise is that we can do certain things (floss our teeth, wear a bike helmet, eat well) that reverse our aging process and make us younger than our calendar age. You can take the RealAge quiz online (be prepared to have your blood pressure and cholesterol levels to fill in)… my own RealAge is 5 years less than what the driver’s license says. He’s big on lists, and I crib from them in the notes below.
Odds & Ends-
* Marriage makes men younger, but doesn’t have as much of a positive effect on women. 😀
* I finally understand what METs are (I’m always seeing that my workout on the bike was 10 METs). Metabolic equivalent units– measuring the intensity of your training. 10 METs means I’m boosting my metabolic rate to 10x its resting rate.
* Don’t exercise so much that you expend more than 6400 kCal per week. 3500 kCal is the goal.
Tips to Help you Make Choices
* Make every calorie you eat delicious and nutrient rich
* Eat breakfast- with whole grains and a little healthy fat
* At every meal, eat healthy fat first
* Read labels for serving size and whole grain content
* Keep a steady weight
* Eat healthier foods
* Take a 30 minute walk every day with a friend
* Diversify your diet and add variety to the way you cook veggies
* Smaller portions
* Don’t eat absentmindedly
* Drink lots o’ water
* Make eating, and the place you eat, special. (Eat only when sitting down! At a table!)
* Eat healthy at restaurants by asking questions and getting the youngest food
* Eat unprocessed foods
* Make meals fun and nonstressful events
15 Food Choices that Reduce Your Rate of Aging
* Choose appropriate caloric intake for your height/build
* Limit consumption of saturated/transfats
* Make 25% of your calories healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, flaxseed, nuts, fish, real chocolate)
* Eat 1 oz. of nuts 5 times a week
* Avoid simple carbohydrates and simple sugars
* Add fiber
* Snack on fruit
* Flavonoids, people! Cranberries, tea, tomatoes, apples, strawberries, broccoli, onlines, red wine
* 10 Tbs of tomato sauce per week
* 5 fistfuls of veggies per day
* 1/2 a glass to 1 glass of wine per day, ladies!
* Take vitamins, the right ones.
* Non-fried fish
I enjoyed the section on kicking the habit (originally written for smokers, but I’m applying it to my sugar addiction). Only 2% of people can quit cold turkey. Here’s his program for success:
* Start walking 30 minutes a day, every day. (He then recommends taking Wellbutrin on day 30, but I’m anti-drug)
* Call someone after your walk, every day.
* Day 33 is your quit day. Throw away all sugar related products.
* Find something to do with your hands when they get fidgety wanting a cookie
* Have lots of chopped veggies on hand for snacks
* When you feel tempted, close your eyes and take a deep breath.
Some of my favorites from the list of 78 things you can do to make your RealAge younger:
* take vitamins/calcium every day
* floss and brush teeth daily
* wear a seatbelt when riding in a car/wear a helmet when biking
* develop an Age Reduction plan
* eat tomato or spaghetti sauce & drink tea
* drink a glass of wine a day
* have sex
* eat breakfast
* laugh, a lot
* eat a balanced diet low in calories and high in nutrients
* eat only healthy fat
* use smaller plates (9 inch) to control portion sizes
* wash your hands and food frequently and well
* eat 5 servings of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables per day
* eat whole grains
* eat fiber early in the day
* take control when you eat out, ask for younger foods (grilled, baked, not fried)
* get a good night’s sleep every night
* become a lifelong learner
* exercise regularly, expending 3500 kCal per week (strength and stamina building)
* call friends daily
* manage your finances and live within your means
* maintain a constant, desirable weight
* reduce stress
* complete nagging, unfinished tasks (NUTs)
* keep a positive attitude
* Boost physical activity by incorporating more movement in regular life activities
* Build strength and flexibility (weight lifting, yoga)
* Build stamina (cardioooooo)
Checklist of Tests for Women (Yearly)
* Blood pressure
* Dental exam (every 6 months)
* PAP smear
* Diabetes test
* (Every five years): LDL level, HDL level, fasting triglyceride, C-reative protein
* Screen for thyroid disease
After 40 years old:
* mammogram
* Hemoccult test
* eye exam (every 3 years)
After 50 years old:
* Colonoscopy (then every 5)
* Bone density

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sub=Take Years off Your Looks and Add Them to Your Life