The Power of Full Engagement

Although I do gag on the term “Corporate Athlete”, this is a valuable resource for anyone looking to recharge their batteries at work and home. The main idea is that everything you do, every action is a transaction of energy, either giving you or sapping your energy. If you eat a plate of vegetables, you get positive energy in the short term and long term through health benefits. You also need to balance between sprinting and recovery; you cannot go full bore 100% of the time.
Physical energy is at the bottom of the pyramid– everything you do mentally depends on having enough physical energy to handle it, to get you through the stresses. Sleep, nutrition, gym-time all help here.
Emotional energy includes things like self-confidence, self-control, and interpersonal effectiveness. Mental energy is positive realism– to recognize the positive around us in a realistic way, not Polyana-ism.
Spiritual energy is at the top of the pyramid– the purpose behind our lives. If we have a main purpose we’re striving for, it anchors us and gives an overarching structure to life.
Power of positive rituals– if it’s something we don’t have to think about, and is a positive action, all the better for us. It takes great effort for us to consciously reject something with will power. Instead of saying “I won’t eat dessert,” replace that with “I will eat a piece of fruit instead of dessert.”
The goal is to be fully engaged in our lives, expressing gratitude for the gifts we have, striving to attain a reachable and worthwhile goal that exists outside ourselves.
The importance of RECOVERY is deeply stressed in this. Our 2 week vacation structure in the US is woefully inadequate. Must disconnect on a daily basis and recharge our internal batteries.

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