How can you not love a book about a giant named Mr. Awesome whose pet robot builds a larger replica of Mr. Awesome that destroys the world? A dreamy, surrealistic quick read with the right mixture of punk and sass and playful language.

The giant poops ambrosia and falls into three month hibernation, waking up covered in sequins. After rejection on his wedding day by Glorious Jones, the giant goes on a scavenger hunt, finding a needle in a haystack, a 4 leaf clover, the meaning of life, a maraca.

Finder of lost kittens, fixer of potholes, I stride the sidewalks. I am a white American male of Scandinavian descent. I try to be a good citizen… I can lift an automobile if I have to. I can run fast. I am at ease with the lingo of the common folk, explaining complex truths in a down-to-earth slang accessible to all. I can leap one hundred yards from a standstill, if necessary. I have the skills to build a robot. Deep down I am just a regular guy.
I am a giant. My name is AWESOME.

Whenever people want an inspirational quote about marriage, I always fish this out:

I remember once when I rubbed pumpkin pie filling all over my face and nobody laughed, said Pendleton Potts. A few years later I said to Glorious Jones, Remember when I rubbed pumpkin pie filling all over my face and nobody laughed? And she said yes. I don’t know, I think that really sums up marriage.