The Loved One

This wasn’t particularly engaging. Englishmen in LA, furiously protecting their reputation by not accepting jobs that are beneath them, e.g. as mortician for dead pets. When Dennis the frustrated poet turns to the dead pet business, his associates are disappointed, and at the end raise money to send him back to England.
Death is packaged up like any other commodity, duel tracks of the human morticians at Whispering Pines and the pet morticians at Happy Hunting Grounds. Dennis falls for Aimee, whom he plies with unoriginal poetry and eventually asks to marry when she appears to have a job that will support him. Disgusted, she turns to Mr. Joyboy, whose dinners at home with his mother and parrot leave much to be desired. On the eve of their wedding (Aimee & Joyboy), Aimee kills herself on Joyboy’s cart at the mortuary.
Bizarre, without redeemable qualities.