The Kid Table

Books that make me laugh are hard to come by, but Seigel works her magic yet again with her latest tale of teenage love gone awry. The story follows a group of only-child cousins in their final year at the Kid Table, with Ingrid Belle (devastatingly charming, borderline psychopath to her family), Cricket (afraid of food, eating disordered but witty with quick verbal comebacks), Brianne (the oldest, college-aged who works her psychology course knowledge on the family and who brings boyfriend Trevor into the mix), Dom (desperately gay and waiting for his family to out him), Micah (Mr. Average who overcompensates for it by trying to be Mr. Wacky), and Katie (the precocious 4 year old who hurls flowers out of the basket come weddingtime, and who babbles insanely when she finds a sympathetic ear in Ingrid). Shadowing these young misfits are their parents and their adult mistakes.
I loved the writing, but there were parts that seemed over the top and made-for-Hollywood (shocker, the film rights have already been sold); e.g. the whole marriage interruptus as the end, turned gay outing, turned re-marriage. But those slight misfires were redeemed by hilarity like the droll “grown man in diaper” observation at New Years Party. Not so sure how I feel about the fact that Ingrid’s parents met on the TV show, “Love Connection” – seemed a bit of a stretch. Overall a quick and delicious read.
As proof of my epic narcissism, I also enjoyed this book since I was a minor character, the lifeguard with a scar on her foot. ” ‘What kind of name is Zander?’ ‘A last name,’ she said in a flat way.” Which is something I would absolutely say, in the exact same tone. My character gets hit on by sleazy Uncle Tobias, and I’m his date to Brianne’s wedding! Yay for vanity! Can it get any cooler than to be a character in one of your favorite living authors’ books?