A Novel Bookstore

Which is worse: a book that is terrible from the beginning or a book that begins strongly and finishes with a curious whimper? This was a fantastic book until the last 60 pages. A bookstore is opened in Paris that only carries “good books”, meaning that you can browse around and not take the chance of leaving with a crap book. Good literature only. The books are chosen by secret committee, and curated by Ivan “Van” Georg (perpetual bookshop worker) and Francesca Aldo-Valbelli (heiress with well connected husband). The secret committee begins to be attacked with random acts of violence. Each are warned. Diatribes are penned in literary journals bemoaning the snobbery implicit in classifying “good” vs. “not good” books.
Unfortunately, besides also lacking the requisite powerful ending, this had a few editing errors as well:
p 99 “They decided to begin with the eight whom or both liked.” (“or” is extraneous)
p 172 “Have you got ten people involved?” (should be “gotten”)
Translated by Alison Anderson from the French.