This Is Where I Leave You

Fairly funny quick read recommended by Eileen G. as laugh-out-loud funny. And while I definitely never got above “smirk” level, it qualifies as funny. Tropper does a great job creating images that will stick in your head– his immediate reaction after standing in the doorway with a birthday cake (lit candles) catching his wife in bed with his boss (who had just applied something flammable). The fact that his leaving his dresser drawers slightly askew was enough to drive his wife crazy. Sitting shiva for his dead father with his family for an entire week on low slung chairs, getting an eyeful of everyone’s crotch and nose hairs.
Judd’s marriage to Jen is over after the abovementioned cheating; his dad dies, he’s lost his job, he’s thirty years old and his life is over. Jen arrives at the shiva to confess that she is pregnant with his child. Swirls of emotion and then typical Hollywood happy ending crap.
Beach reading, but quality beach reading.