A Visit From the Goon Squad

Won the Pulitzer, but I’m not convinced. Perhaps it is the jarring effect of reading this alongside my current reading of the mighty Moby-Dick and Ulysses, but I didn’t appreciate the technique of each chapter being from the perspective of a different character. All craftsmanlike, but obviously so, as if she sewed the seams to be seen and admired.
Best part by far was the powerpoint slide section put together by the 12 year old daughter of Sasha, exploring the obsession her older brother had for identifying and appreciating the pauses in songs.
The characters of Bennie (music exec), Sasha (his assistant the kleptomaniac), Scotty (troubled guitarist turned janitor), Lou (older music exec who has an affair with Jocelyn the teenager, and a young woman he takes to Africa), Dolly (the PR magician who sets a genocidal dictator up with an actress for a softer image), Lulu (Dolly’s genius daughter who is the puppet master for the “parrots” – the new viral marketing) and probably dozens more I’m forgetting.