The Lotus Eaters

Amazing story, grabs you and shakes you like a rabid dog with a new toy. Spent my Saturday morning devouring half of this and the remnants of my Sunday evening finishing it. Vietnam photojournalist as main character, along with her lover(s). Helen is shown in the first chapter as a war-charred photog gone native, staying local because of her inherent love for the swamp smells of combat in Vietnam. She tricks her hubby Linh into evacuating with the remainder of the retreating Americans while she sticks around for the last photo of the hand-off of power.
Then, a dizzying attempt to recreate how they got to be exactly where they are. Helen as greenhorn arriving in the country as freelance photog, hungry for action on the battlefield and on the manfield. Sam Darrow is happy to oblige on both fronts. Fast forward to madly in love, Helen & Sam are two peas in a pod, way too similar to work realistically. Darrow dies in a plane crash, his remains meant to be unburied but his wish is unheard. Helen ends up back in southern Cali, faced with a box of Darrow’s belongings that she must sort and deliver in person to his wife & son.
Some brief glimmers of amazing prose, strung out on a tantalizing story that had me stoked over a 36 hour period…. yeah, I’d recommend it. The ending was a wee bit trite, but editors clearly lost that battle.
Reco’d by Momma Massie