Die, Die, Diet

Hilarious murder mystery solved with clever wordplay and double entendres. Diet pushers all over the country start winding up dead, the FBI is on the case with Agents Flaim and Stultz. Flaim is a strange character, a breathtaking beauty without the sense of smell and with a penchant for shopping. Stultz fumes about the Director’s use of his nickname, Bearcat, until Flaim tells him to embrace it, to BE the bearcat. Stultz is also inexplicably a baker in his free time, and struggles with his weight. The victims are a bit cartoonish: Suzy Pop who explodes with Pineapple Cake Surprise… although the author wants to be sure you get the grenade/pineapple connection so he spells it out instead of hinting you that direction; Les Legume, the mayor with a free breakfast program pushing beans and killed by rictin (extract of bean); the nutty professor who wound up choked in his food lab on a nut concoction; the attempt at the end on the sauna-loving Youngbody.
The anagrams at the heart of solving this mystery were a bit much, and the ultimate “bad guy” behind all of it was eye-roll-inducing. Regardless, a quick and pleasurable read of first rate writing. You’ll have some chortles along the way.