A House for Mr. Biswas

I originally read this over ten years ago, but it made such an impression that I thought of it occasionally, and recommended it recently to a friend, which enticed me to consume it again. An Indian living in Trinidad, Mohun Biswas bounces from house to house after his father drowns. Vivid, arresting prose about the life of everyman Mr. Biswas, a sassy unconventional hero who becomes a journalist in Port of Spain. He rebels against living in the house of his wife, with the rest of the Tulsi clan. He becomes imperial, demanding that his children bring him pencils, ink, paper while writing in bed. He tests the limits of his power against everyone. Mr. Biswas is one of the most engaging characters I’ve read recently.
Highly recommended.

He was going out into the world, to test it for its power to frighten. The past was counterfeit, a series of cheating accidents. Real life, and its especial sweetness, awaited; he was still beginning.