Radio Silence Issue Number 01

A new magazine about literature and rock & roll has slipped onto stage and has me swooning. The flip of each page had me anticipating a delicious treat, like this description of an empty stage from Geoff Dyer:

I remember absolutely nothing about the music, which is rather surprising given that it was the first concert I ever attended: only the fact and circumstances of having gone. And of the immense totemic power of the unmanned drum kit on stage before the band came on. The sense of latent energy and expectation it exuded remained undimmed, whenever I saw a drum kit onstage, throughout the many years of subsequent gig-going – so even that memory has qualities of premonition, of the hours and years of waiting for the next band to take the stage.

Jim White includes a tale of being rescued by Cormac McCarthy’s Suttree which he coincidentally has on hand during a trip to Knoxville, where the book is set. Not that it’s very fun to read things online, but the magazine has posted his story in its entirety. Zach Rogue points out this distaste for reading online: “Like most people, I would imagine, I don’t read all that deeply when I read online. I skim” and “The smell of paper awakens the part of my brain that looks for chance discoveries.”
It is essential that we continue to read printed material in order to retain the ability to read deeply. I appreciate the effort of the magazine team to continue this tradition, highlighting new stories and rediscovered F. Scott Fitzgerald/Edna St. Vincent Millay. I also appreciate the book recommendations of Suttree and Pnin. Adding to the list.