New York Diaries: 1609 to 2009

An eclectic grouping of diary entries arranged seasonally instead of chronologically. Ranging from George Washington’s 1776-1780 entries, to Andy Warhol’s 1980s entries, Judith Malina, Teddy Roosevelt’s adoration of Alice (and tragic response to her death on the same day as his mother), John Sloan, Jonas Mekas, Jack Kerouac, Thomas Edison, Dawn Powell, Walt Whitman, Noah Webster, etc etc etc. Interesting to pick up on the patterns that cross seasons– weather hot or cold, theater across centuries, the constant ebb and flow of life in a city. Sprinkled in with early tales of the discovery of the island, then a century later the battle to oust the Brits, then drumbeats of Civil War, to 9/11 and aftermath. A gloriously readable collection of interesting bits, well organized.